How to Add a Page in WordPress

Pages in WordPress

In WordPress, you can write posts or pages. A regular blog entry is a post and posts normally appear in reverse chronological order on your homepage. Pages are for content such as ‘about’, ‘contact’, disclosure’, ‘legal information’, ‘reprint permissions’, ‘company information’, ‘privacy policy’, etc. Pages live outside of the blog chronology and are often used to present timeless information that is always applicable. You can use pages to manage and organize any content. In the following tutorial, we explain how you can add pages and edit pages in WordPress.

How to add a page in WordPress

Adding a page in WordPress is quite easy. Start by opening your WordPress dashboard. You see the word ‘Pages’ in the vertical list of words running down the left side of the homepage.

Wordpress Dashboard

Click or hover over ‘Pages’ and you will see some categories to choose from.

WordPress Menu Pages

To add a page in WordPress, simply click ‘Add new’.

WordPress Add Page

The following window will appear. You can type in a title for your new page in the top white bar and create your content in the space underneath. You can add images with the ‘Add Media’ button, Polls with the ‘Add Poll’ button and a contact form with the ‘Add Contact Form’ button.

WordPress Add New Page

If you want to publish your newly created page, click ‘Publish’. If you are not ready to publish it yet, you can already save it as a draft by clicking ‘Save Draft’. If you want to preview your page before posting it, click ‘Preview’. If you are not happy with your page at all, click ‘Move to Trash’ and start over. You now know how to add a page in WordPress.

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