Spring WS Username Password Authentication Wss4j

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  • Alexey

    How I can work with https?

    • You need to configure your application server (Tomcat or JBoss, or … ) to support secured socket layer (SSL/HTTPS) transportation.

  • iSyed


    When i access the above sample service from SoapUI the request that is generated with out security header.


    What changes are required to make the security header available as sample for user?


    • Unfortunately, spring-ws does not support WS-Policy (yet). So the information needed, cannot be specified in the WSDL by default. You could however, enhance the WSDL with your own WS-Policy implementation by extending the DefaultWsdl11Definition.

      You can manually add a ws-security-header using SoapUI. Please read the following documentation: https://www.soapui.org/soapui-projects/ws-security.html

  • Hello guys,

    thank you for the great article! :) I have one question though: Why do you need that “wss4j” dependency in pom.xml? It should be a compile time dependency of “spring-ws-security”, right? Also, it would be great to write a follow-up article with credentials provided using the UserDetailService… ;-)

    With kind regards,

    Petr Dvorak, Lime

  • Homer

    Thanks for your articles.

    GetBeerRequest and GetBeerResponse files are missing.

    Could you add them please?