Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop, manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc, is the leader in image editing and manipulation sofware today. The software is particularly used among professional photographers and graphic designers, but is so user friendly that everybody can get hooked. Check out our tutorials to get acquainted with the basics!

Getting Started

  • Resize images

    Resizing images in Photoshop is very easy. We explain you how to do it and what to keep in mind when resizing, depending on your personal wishes. Check it out!

  • Crop images

    Cropping refers to the removal of unwanted areas or irrelevant sections from a picture to improve the overall composition or to accentuate a certain section. It is one of the most basic photo manipulation processes there is and one of the few editing actions that is totally permitted in modern photojournalism. Find out how to crop images in Photoshop!

  • Sharpen images

    Images can be blurry and simply not sharp enough. We present the four main methods to sharpen images: the simple sharpening tool, the high pass filter tool, the unsharp mask tool and the selective sharpening method.

  • Adjust white balance

    One of the most important elements to start with when you edit pictures is to review the white balance. If your white balance is too cool or too warm, your pictures do not look good nor realistic. Photoshop offers many ways to adjust white balance. We showcase the three easiest methods to adjust white balance in Photoshop.

  • Adjust color

    Sometimes, the color balance of a picture is simply wrong. Working with ‘Levels’ in Photoshop is a quick way to adjust and correct the color balance of an image. We explain how you can adjust the color of an image with ‘Levels’ in Photoshop.

  • Add text to images

    Photoshop is generally used for images and editing images, but you can also add text to images in Photoshop and edit text. Remember that the main reason why people create text in Photoshop is to add a visual element to images with short messages rather than very long paragraphs. Adding text to images in Photoshop is easy! We gladly help you to add text to images, add text in a rectangle and add text in a rectangle that has a gradient to really make your text stand out.


  • Blur Parts of Images

    You may sometimes want to blur certain parts of images. Simply blur parts of images in Photoshop! We explain how to blur the background of images and how to blur specific objects in images.

  • Make images black and white

    Chances are that you will one day want to make certain images black and white to change the look and feel of them and to make them more atmospheric, artistic and intense. We help you to get the beautiful black and white images that you want by outlining what we believe to be the three best methods to make images black and white in Photoshop.

  • Add a shadow

    Add a shadow to an object or person to make things realistic and believable. In this tutorial, we gladly help you to add a shadow to an object/a person in Photoshop.

  • Create a mirror image effect

    We help you to simply mirror a certain image, flipping the image horizontally to the other side and we also help you in creating a mirror image effect, creating a reflection of the original image.


  • Remove an object/a person from a background

    It could occur that you want to remove a person or an object from a background in Photoshop. The background can simply be distracting or unnecessary to tell your story or you may want to feature the person or object in a different background. We help you to remove an object/person from a background in Photoshop using the ‘Layer Mask’ method.

  • Insert an object/a person into a background

    Sometimes, you want to put a certain object or a person into a different picture. In Photoshop you can do this! Find out how.

  • How to Censor/Pixelate in Photoshop

    Sometimes you need to censor a face or an object for ethical and privacy reasons. We gladly help you to censor/pixelate in Photoshop. Check it out!